Saturday, September 17, 2016


Various views of the large two story barn, once used as a cow barn.  The stanchions have been removed.  Set up as a shop now.  The roof is intact as is the second floor.

A view of the barn in winter before the many trees grew.  The 1929 house trailer is still there.  I used to enjoy it as a relaxing place to go in the evening in nice weather.

The east side of the barn.

View of barn from the road is completely hidden when the leaves are on the trees.  Nearly all of the trees are box elders which spread from that one tree on the right.

The north east corner of the barn.
View of the barn and chicken house around 1980 before the trees took over.
Looking east from the barn.  The corn field is on the farm property next door.  The brush lot is part of the 331 Blanding Road property.  Nearly all junk machinery has been removed.

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