Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Back Yard Leach Field

The back yard leach field being built about 1983. 

Wild Critters Come To Visit


Possums came to visit to enjoy the cat food.

Rarely a raccoon came by.

Wild rabbits

Woodchucks stayed out in the backyard.  One summer there was a Mama and twins.  My main complaint was the summer they chewed holes in many of my squash.

A large mud turtle strayed into our yard.  Probably from the swamp area across the road.  

Wild turkeys on the road by our house.


Various views of the large two story barn, once used as a cow barn.  The stanchions have been removed.  Set up as a shop now.  The roof is intact as is the second floor.

A view of the barn in winter before the many trees grew.  The 1929 house trailer is still there.  I used to enjoy it as a relaxing place to go in the evening in nice weather.

The east side of the barn.

View of barn from the road is completely hidden when the leaves are on the trees.  Nearly all of the trees are box elders which spread from that one tree on the right.

The north east corner of the barn.
View of the barn and chicken house around 1980 before the trees took over.
Looking east from the barn.  The corn field is on the farm property next door.  The brush lot is part of the 331 Blanding Road property.  Nearly all junk machinery has been removed.


Scenery after entering Blanding Road from the west.

Scenery on Blanding Road from the west.  331 is just beyond the field at the top  of the hill.

Another view of Blanding Road taken from a nearby hill.

A zoom shot of the farm next door taken from a nearby hill.  331 is to the left of last barn on the left.

More panaramic view of the farm and fields.

Wild turkeys on Blanding Road


More Sherburne Scenery
A view north of Sherburne.

View from West Hill Road .  This is in April before the leaves were greening up..

A view south of Sherburne.


More beautiful scenery.

A quick early morning shot as I was heading out of our driveway.   Looking across the road.
Another early morning shot of flowers down by the bridge that crosses the Chenango River.  The bridge is one mile down hill from our place, so there is never danger of flooding.
The best cobweb photo I've ever gotten with blurred flowers adding the color in the background.  It was taken down by the river.

The Chenango River looking south from the bridge.  It was a hazy morning.


Downtown Sherburne does have flooding from the Chenango River when the water level gets quite high.  North Street floods and lots of homes have flooded basements.  Blanding Road is generally closed on
the river end near Rt. 12, but we have always been able to get out the other end of the road.

Looking up North Main St and a sea of water.

Another view and a car going through.  The garages haul out alot of  people's cars when they are foolish enough to try going through the water.  And some motors are ruined that way.

Same view with less zoom.

North Main is the last house down.

Four corners in Sherburne looking north

Entrance to Blanding Road from Rt. 12

Only saw this once in 40 years.  The creek by Blanding Road flowed over the road by the railroad track.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I've enjoyed the deer for many years.  Well, except the year a doe had twins and roamed our
yard all summer including my garden attempts.

A buck and doe out for their evening snack.
Winter herd digging for food in the field across from the house.
A fawn crossing the road in front of my car.
A beautiful pose briefly after crossing the road.
A beautiful doe.
In the corn across the road.
Trying to find some grass in our yard. 

Across the road from the house.
A quick photo from my car in the driveway by the hedgerow.


Steam Sawmill Hill Road is a short way down the road from the house.  It leads to the top of the
hill that is seen across the road from the house.  The scenery up there is awesome.  It overlooks North Norwich and on down toward Norwich.

An early morning view from atop of Steam Sawmill Hill looking toward North Norwich.

Different day.

 A pasture scene on the road.

Autumn glory from atop Steam Sawmill Hill Road.


The Sherburne center of town is exactly 2 miles away from the house.  One mile down to Rt 12 and
one mile north to the red light.

 Paddleford Park has 2 pavillions, a nice playground, a pool, and ball fields.  A creek also borders the park which kids enjoy playing in.

The playground and one pavillion.  The pool house can be seen beyond the pavillion.

A larger view of the playground
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A well maintained pool is available in the summer with life guards and generous swimming hours.
A photo of the pavillion closest to the pool.  The bath house and pool can be seen in the background.

Painted mural on the outside wall of Joe's and Vinny's Pizzeria.  Some of the best pizza you will ever eat.